Problem about rigging

Following a reload animation tutorial, i parented all parts but the magazine to the weapon, but everytime I try to move any of these parts including the mag, the bones moves farther away from them, is there a setting or step I’m missing?

Firstly - welcome aboard!
Secondly - when asking for help, tell us as much information as you can. Don’t crop your screenshot, as there may be important information in the properties panal or outliner. If it’s a motion thing, maybe send up a video (OBS is good for screen recording). And if you’re following a tutoiral, include a link.

Are the objects parented to the bones or are they wieght-painted? maybe they’re in more than one vertex group so that they’re moving based on the moving bone but also another bone… averaging the two posisions and moving less far.

Hi! this is the i was following, and just now I may have found the solution! I didn’t quite follow the vertex grouping part and shrugged it off all this time, now it does follow through with the magazine. Seems like the lesson here was to be more observant lmao. Thanks for your time!