Problem adding circle in blender 2.82a (Linux ubuntu)

Hi, I have a problem when adding a circle.
I appears as three lines in the portview. No idea why.
(it’s is a circle when open edit mode)

Could everyone, help me understand what is the problem?
Thanks in advance

Could you extend the bottom left panel by clicking it or pressing F9 ?
It might be some bad settings.
Does it happen on Windows ?

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Thanks for your reply

I’m running it on Linux ubuntu

I’ve just tried to download the lastest version of Blender, and start from scratch. But I still have the same issue

It is indeed a circle in edit mode

I was facing the very same problem (the circle appearing as lines) but in windows 8.1, my laptop has an seperate GPU, when I switched the GPU to the processor’s the circle appeared normally.
You should consider updating your graphics driver if it is not the latest one.