Problem adding mpg video into Video Editing

Hi, My problem comes when adding a video in mpg format inside VSE. The video strip appears in the editor window but it only contains 1 frame instead of the 180 that the video has. I tried other mpg videos and same problem occurs although sometimes it loads 10 frames, not just one. I don’t have the problem with avi and mp4 files.

I have same issue with movie clip editor.

I couldn’t find video formats supported in the manual.

I attach a video in mpg format if anyone wants to test it.

I’m using blender 2.77.



mpg (119 KB)

I’ve seen similar problems in the VSE with mpeg files, and d/loading yours gave me the same results in 2.77a. Converting it to mp4 and loading that into the VSE does the trick. I’m a newbie here and on ‘probation’ so I’m guessing I won’t be allowed to attach this file. There are probably a host of video file converters available but can get it to you somehow if you can’t.