Problem adding window texture to starship

So I’m currently working on a starship where some of the windows at on the upper deck, but I’ve run into an issue where I can’t seem to get the node to work right - nor the UV Mapping for that matter - to where it will only place those windows where I want them and instead it keeps placing them all over.

I tried moving the UV map around (note that I have three UV maps, the main map for the ships texture, a second for the ships name, and then a third that I am trying to use for the windows)

I’ve looked at tutorials to see how some people have done it, such as those from the Blender 3d cookbook on PackT but it seems that doesn’t work for me.

Thus I am asking if anyone knows what it is I am doing wrong here. I’ve added the .blend file so people can see how I have my nodes set up, I have the model broken up into sections for the displacement texture to work but I don’t know if that is causing confusion or not.

I can’t upload the .blend file to the forums (too big) so have put a link instead:

If the material that I am trying to use is not selected, then it’s the material called ‘middle’ as that was the one I was originally using to try and figure out the node setup (before adding it to the other materials) and the only reason the model is split into different colors was basically for my reference, to tell me which material was on which…

You need to use Input>UV Map node to choose UV maps. You also need to make the UV map of an area you need the texture to be on and then make the texture for it. I would recommend watching some tutorials on making UV maps and then some on proceedural textures as well as trying out all the different nodes and learning what they are for before continueing.