Problem after applying texture

I created a house and got some textures. I followed a tutorial on how to apply the texture on one of the house walls. It works just fine except it is on the wrong side of the face. The brick texture is on the inside when I meant for it to be on the outside. Can someone please tell me why it adds the texture to the other side of the wall and not the side that I want and how I can fix this? Thank you!

It could be normals if it’s just the wrong side of a single face. Or have you been messing with the new front/back output in the geometry node in the node editor?

I am very new to blender. I havent changed any front back output. I think I may have applied the texture to the wrong side of the face but I dont know how to select the other side of the face. I mean I select the face just by selecting it with the face selection option. Does it determine which side I am applying the texture to by what direction I am looking forward at?

can you upload a file on FTP site so we can download and check it out


I figured it out, thanks guys I had to go to go to Mesh/Normals/Flip now it works. This stuff is so confusing! Thanks you