Problem animating rotated letters

Hello people, I’ve got a little problem with an animation project, I hope that you can help me. Here the description:

I’m trying to create a text effect like the one in this video (“tomorrow in progress”):

So I planned to apply this workflow:

  1. Separate each letter (they were all in the same mesh).
  2. Locate in the frame where all the elemets of the logo align with the camera (this is where the text animation starts).
  3. Rotate each letter n*30º in relation to the X axis.
  4. Set a Rotation keyframe for each letter.
  5. Rotate and set keyframes for each letter until they all face the camera.

But in the second step, for some reason when I aplied the rotation to each letter, Blender calculated the promedy agle and aplied it to all the elements of the original mesh, though they were different objects now. Here is what I’ve tried in order to solve the problem:

-Review object settings -I found nothing suspiciuous.
-Check if there were any constraints -no constraints found.
-Read the wiki article on parenting objects -I found nothing that looked related.
-Read the wiki article on the dopesheet editor (I check this article because I noted that when I select a keyframe of any of the letters, all the keyframes of the objects of the original mesh get selected; anyway I found nothing that could help me).

Aditional information:

Blender release: 2.71.
OS: Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon 32-bits

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Looks like when you separated the letters you still kept the animation data block intact for all the separated letters. Did you separate them with hot key P?

Hi, my method for separating the meshes was exactly that:

  1. Select the mesh in object mode.
  2. Changed to edit mode.
  3. Press L over the letter I want to separate.
  4. Press P and choose “Selection”.
  5. Change to object mode.
  6. Repeat the process with every letter.


Hello again, finally I could solve the problem, though I couldn’t do it separating the letters directly from the original mesh with all its original properties. Here is what I did:

  1. Create a full copy of the escene with the mesh containing all the letters.
  2. (In the new escene) Delete all the keyframes asociated with the mesh.
  3. Separate the letters from the original mesh -with the method described in my previous post.
  4. Copy the keyframes asociated with the original mesh (using the original escene) and paste it on the data asociated with the new objects derived from the original mesh (in the copy of the original escene).
  5. Animate the letters as I had planned (finally it worked!! :cool:)

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

In that case, do you have an action for each character in dope sheet?

Yes, though I wanted to keep the keyframes of the original mesh because they have the same actions until a certain point of the animation.