Problem appending a rigged model

Hi, I’m trying to use this rigged hand from blendswap on 2.66 official in a project I am working on.

I got the textures linked properly for use in cycles on the original file. But I need to bring the hand and rig into a different project file via appending. I’ve never appended any rigged models before.

I appended the model and armature into the new file. The bones show up, and the model shows up with the correct textures applied. This was the ONLY 2 things I appended into my file.

I go into pose mode but cannot rotate any of the bones.

If I go into the original file, I am able to rotate and move the bones. I am using 2.66 with the original file as well.

So I think there must be something else that I need to append in the new file besides just the the model and armature. Hoping someone can steer me in the right direction.

Hm, you should have everything you need, after you appended the armature and the mesh.

Just some questions. Is there only a problem with rotating the bones and moving works? Are there any transform locks wich affect the bones? Are you sure that you appended and not linked? Is the armature selectable in the outliner?

I got it figured out… for some reason there was armature in the objects folder, but there was also an armature in a folder called armature. I had originally only imported the one that was found in the objects folder. Once I appended both, the rig worked.

It was the first time I had appended rigged model, maybe that is the way it is supposed to be, not sure, but thanks for your input minoribus.