Problem appending characters

hi friends.
I have a problem.
I want to append in a new .blend file three characters that i have made in three .blend files , one in each .blend.
Those models are rigged and have a walk animation (done with ikey LOCROT for bones).

My problem is that when they are appended in my new.blend , when i execute the animation, the three models execute it but all in the same position in space. The meshes and the armatures appears overlaped in same position.
I think my problem is for the same LOCation ikey for bones of all models.
Then…¿how can a append models with a walk animations in new .blend and execute them anywhere in the scene?.

Thank you in advance.

Parent the armature to an empty.

I would not append them at all.

Better let them reside in their blend file. For each character create a group and assign all related objects to it.

Then LINK the groups from the files (with relative path) to your level file. Inside the level file add instances of the groups. You can have as much instances as you like.

Animations are usually relative to the parent of an object. If there is no parent they are relative to the scene. That is the reason why your characters jump back to origin.

You can solve that by use an empty as parent.

Are there any pitfalls to watch out for when linking files? I have been linking files, in fact linking most things in an attempt to keep things some what ordered. One thing I dont like, is deleting a linked object. You have to remove the datablock, or the group in the library before you can add it again.

Ok friends. Thank you for your answers.
My problem is solved by the moment…
I’m going to use a group now… I was appending my object directly.