Problem Applying Copper Material

Hi. I am trying to create a copper like texture, based off of the brushed metal pieces by Claas Kuhnen. While the preview of the material looks great, when I apply it to a sphere of my own it doesn’t look right.

It is kind of hard to explain in words (and a picture is worth a thousand) so I have attached a screen-shot to show you what I mean.

I am not sure what is causing the strange reflection on the second sphere or why there is a sudden blocky transition to a dark patch around the bottom left area of both sphere (as opposed to a smooth one).

Can anyone offer any suggestions?

Regards, Freddie.


Polished metal gets its look from reflections, not its diffuse color. I’d try turning the col value down, way down, almost black (check out my treasure chest, the silver, brass and gold material are all pure black color) and making the reflection color a coppery red instead of white. Then turn the spec value in the shaders panel up to some ridiculously high value and play around with the hardness.

The blocky transition and the dark patches are probably lighting issues, but it’s hard to tell what might be going on from your screen shot, since everything is so small. Try posting a render. But before you do that, experiment with the lighting a bit. Looks like you only have one, you should probably have at least one fill light added to your set up.