Problem applying displacement map.

Hi, I’m having trouble applying a displacement map.

This simple house has a flat roof:

I applied the displacement map without adding any geometry to the flat surface of the roof, that’s why the roof is weird looking (I think).

This is the displacement map I want to add to the roof:

And this mess is my result after increasing the detail of the roof geometry:

Any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong?


what renderer?
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Is the roof UV unwrapped? If so, make sure the displacement is using it.

The last image looks like it’s just displacing a generated texture, like noise or cloud, are you sure it’s pointing to your texture?

Maybe if you could upload the blend I could have a look and see what the problem is…

Another way around this, avoiding the displacement map, is to model one tile, then use either arrays or dupliverts to cover the entire roof with them.

Here’s an example I quickly cobbled together using dupliverts. Is a great way to go, as the tile object is loaded into memory only once, making it a lot more GPU friendly than creating an array. Have a play around and see what you think
roof_tiles.blend (521 KB)

Just the default render.

I’m not sure about anything in Blender, I’m new to this. But from what I can tell it’s all set up correctly, it is linked to just one image, the height map.

The roof is not unwrapped, nothing in this scene is, I’m using generated mapping set to cube. Everything in the scene is set like that.

Here’s my blend file.

Also could you take a look at the specularity map on the roof as well, it seems to be set up fine but no matter how I play with the settings I never actually see any results in the render, as though the map is disabled.

Dupliverts do seem way more efficient then an array, I’ll bare them in mind.