Problem Applying Freestyle Lines edges.

-I know how to apply the object design “marking” for free style line edging from under the
[mesh]/[edges] menu.

-How do I alter the colour and default thickness in a way which will change
the render result?

The screenshots speak for them selves.


-How do I assign different line sets to different object?

-How can I change the line set and apply it to one object and not another?

-Can I do this without Grouping my objects?

  1. Freestyle line sets are applied to render layers. So the number of different line styles you need will determine. at a minimum, the number of render layers you will need, and also the minimuc number of regular layers the object will need to be placed on.

  2. You don’y apply freestyle to objects, you create render layers (one or more layers seen together) and move objects into those layers, each redner layer has a line set add, and line style and will affect those objects

  3. yes, in the sense that you don’t need to create blender groups (ctrl-g) although in a broader sense they need to grouped into render layers.

That’s all AOK. Many thanks!