Problem Baking Fluid

I am trying to bake a large fluid sim in Blender, of a river between two cliffs, I modeled and set up the scene I have several obstacles (river bottom, cliffs-[one object], several small rocks and several large, inflow and outflow. Everything looks ready to go, hit bake and blender freezes hangs and crashes. I looked at the console and there were not posted errors. Any ideas?? Here is the blend file for you to check out.


Rafting.blend (2 MB)

Don’t have such high poly meshes as obstacles. Just use simple meshes to act as the obstacle object. This you discard when the fluid is baked. The fluid is such a low resolution anyway you won’t get a realistic appearance of water.
Also take more care with your modelling. Reset all the objects scales (Ctrl+A), the domain object has a negative x scale !

Thanks for the quick response. I will test this! Thanks Again!