Problem Baking Normals

I want to speed up render times by baking normals instead of using High resolution meshes for an animation I want to make. I’ve never really tried this before and I’ve watched a ton of videos on the subject, but I’m having troubles making my normals result like theirs. Please let me know if anyone can pinpoint what I’m doing wrong. Thanks

Here is an early render of one of my characters with her coat that I’m trying first to simplify.

Here is a very simplified version of my try. On the Left is the simplified version and the right is the original. I removed all of my textures. put the two versions on top of each other, created a texture node on the simplified version. Selected the original version first then the simplified version. I selected the normal bake, and made sure I selected “selected to active” option. The original version as a multires modifier and the new one it has been removed.

Here is the normal and the node setup I tried to use.


No images here :frowning:

Sorry, let me know if they show up now.

I am also searching for the same problem. Still looking for a solution. So, sorry, cant help you right now.

Does anyone have any ideas?