Problem baking smoke simulations

This feels like a kinda stupid first post at blenderartists but one problem, or just stupidity, on my behalf has really been bugging me today.:o

I downloaded the new Alpha 1 build on my 32 bit linux pc. Then i decided to see if i could get into the smoke simulation system. So i started with a setup with a resoulution of 75 and pressed bake (all other settings default). After 5 min the baking was complete but when i pressed Alt + A to playback it it went at a real slow speed as though it was baking. Then i noticed that in the Smoke cache panel it said, 26 frames baked (0 kb), or something similar with those numbers.:confused:

Does anyone know whats wrong, and why it wont bake properly? I’d really appreciate some help in this matter if you can spare me some time.

Never mind i solved it. Turns out you need to save the blend file before baking.