Problem baking Textures

hi Guys. I’m slowly despairing. i have a high poly model and would like to bake the texture on the low poly model. there are numerous tutorials on the internet that i have seen all of them :wink: . it still doesn’t work.

i have two objects on the same position - high and low poly.
i created a new material in the low poly, in it i created an image texture (it is selected)
i secleted high poly than low poly with ctrl+click (new created image texture is still selected)
render settings - bake - diffuse - selected to active - uncheck indirect and direct.
both objects have uv maps
in high poly mat the metall is set to zero
the baking result is black - dont know why.

“high” poly

low poly

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could you please pack your images and share your file?

it works fine, don’t plug the low-poly Image Texture when you bake

so I’m not sure why you fail…

i use the ecycles version. it doesn’t seem to work there. in the standard version it does something. but also looks wrong.

in the ecycles version the picture is black in the new 2.91 version, as seen here. I haven’t changed anything else.

did you change anything?

what do you mean by “ecycles version”? In what way is it wrong according to you? Maybe compare what the result gives compared to the original? I tested both Direct Light and Color and they both worked as they are supposed to I guess, I may be missing something?

Look what it gives, high poly compared to low poly, seems fine to me (I’ve increased the image texture resolution to 2048 instead of 1024 so that it’s a bit less pixellized, I also added a bit of bake Extrusion value):


ecycles is a different version of blender. with the current version 2.91 I get completely different results.
but at least I get something at all.
with the normal blender version i get closer to the matter. now i have a diffuse map, but it is black and white, so it has no colors.

well, I’m a bit lost, I hope someone will understand and answer your question

what you do not understand?
my result looks different from yours.

i’m testing two versions of blender: ecycles and vanilla.

with vanilla i get a result - which, as I said, looks different from your result.
with ecycles i only get a black picture.

the settings are the same everywhere - but i get different results.

I now tested it on another file. I also have different colors there. but these are all black and white.

left high poly, right low poly

I’m sorry if I don’t make myself clear. english is not my native language. besides, these are my first attempts at baking and i don’t know what the problem is or where i can look for a solution. but thank you very much for your commitment and your patience.

English is not my language either :wink: What I mean is that it seems to work fine with my Blender version, as I showed you the result is fine, I don’t know ecycles, so the problem may come from here?

for my last problem i found the problem (i baked the direct, not the color)
i guess this is also the problem in the test file :smiley:


oh ok, I thought you wanted the Direct