Problem Blender 2.53 Beta Array and Curve

I’m trying build a ducted fan for an airplane.
Its Rick’s Fanliner from Robotech: The Macross Saga
I have most of it, but the crossection of the fan-blades changes.
I copied the techniques from

I tried using an Empty object too, but couldn’t figure that one out either, if its even doable.
The .blend file should be the file. The two jpegs are a couple of source images.


Fan-disk.blend (348 KB)

Does the attachment correspond to what you want?


Fan-disk_v2.blend (347 KB)

What was I doing wrong? Not enough geometry?


Double post…drat, darn and grrrr

Yes, part of the solution is adding more horizontal geometry to the master fan (2 cuts is enough), and then rotating the upper polis of the fan a bit using Proportional Editing option (available in the header of the 3D View) so it rotates those polis with 100% influence and all other polis with lower percentages of influence.