Problem: Blender keeps crashing. Help!


I don’t know how relevant this is to this forum, i couldn’t find the correct place to post for help, anyway here we go.

Just a moment ago i tried to save my rigged character for my game, and blender crashed in the process, so i thought dam it, i went to open the last saved file of it i had and blender didn’t even open, it just “Encountered a problem, and had to close” at this point i went crazy i thought the whole file was corrupt. I then tried opening a new blender and low and behold it encountered a problem and closed, crashed basically. I then tried uninstalling blender and reinstalling, but no avail blender still crashed no matter what i did, load a file or start a new one. I’ve never had this problem before what the hell is going on? Is there any fixes?



When you did all the above did you restart your system?

Also sometimes its helpful to use a ram tool such as Free ram xp pro to clean up after a program crashes.

Your saved files should be just fine if you didnt overwrite the folders they are in when you installed blender again.

Thanks for the reply, after reading it i restarted my system only to find no results, still, blender crashes!!


Can anyone help?! I cannot believe this is happening!

Try deleting B.blend since that’s the startup file.


That did it! Thanks Fligh! :wink:

EDIT: Now all my scripts are messed up, half of the scripts are missing in scripts folder, where can i download them again?

PS: I have no clue witch scripts were there.

Goto your Scripts window and click Scripts >> Update Menus.
Aah… you mean scriptlinks for the GE? You’ll have to load a recent file with File >> Open, make sure “Load UI” is on and you should find your scripts there.