Problem: Character Limps

Hi, my name is FF and I make the Kid Yoyo animations.

I’ve just learned how to use offset bones to advance a walk cycle automatically, but it seems to freeze the last frame of the cycle, giving a limping aspect to it. I’ve tried to remove the last frame of the cycle so it wouldn’t repeat a frame but it looked even worse. I wonder if someone knows any alternatives I haven’t tried yet. Any ideas are welcome!


Could be that the extrapolation on one or more of the ipos isn’t set correctly. Or something with the rig. Look at both sides of the body and try to see what’s different.

I’m thinking the timing is out. See if the number of frames between the steps match up.
I have only done a little animation but I seem to recall that the length of the stride bone relates to the length of the step. Could the stride bone be a little short, clipping the end of the step?

Also you may find starting with a side view of the walk cycle might make it easier to pick out the flaw.

I’ll investigate in this direction. Thanks!