problem compiling my .blend file

Hi all, I have Blender 2.49a and im trying to make a .exe file to my .blend file. I enter Blender and go “File -> Save Game As Runtime…” but when i open the file, i have 3 problems. The textures are gone, i only see white everywhere. The other problem is that i dont see like i do in blender, the objects i see are too near the camera. And when i open the file its minimized and i want it to be maximized. I hope you can help me with this. Thanks a lot.

  1. pack textures in File - External Data - Pack into Blend
    After packing I advise to save the file with a different name. And then make a runtime
  2. camera thingy is because you have to zoom in the camera in such a way the 3D view in blender matches the dotted camera lines. This is how you will see through the camera when running the exe
  3. There is a way to set resolution and fullscreen through python, search for tut / example on BA

I have another problem, when i pack the files as you said to me. The text textures only appears @ when it have to say Player or something like that. When i execute the file (press P button) it still there. i dont see the word “Player” i see “@@@@@@” what can i do for this.