Problem configuring DrQueue in linux (FC5) for set up of a Rendering Farm

Hi all,

I downloaded the DrQueue latest source code from its official website and also done make and make install without any error, also i change the /etc/bshrc file and add the DRQUEUE_ ROOT,MASTER,SLAVE environment variables … but now i dont know how to proceed further.

I also checkd the /usr/local/drqueue/ dir and seen the drqueue.conf bt its commented and nothing is there.

So if anyone has already set up the rendering farm with linux as master server (…wht i wanted to do now), Kindly send me the whole setup maual/document so that i can also setup the same…

Pls mail me on [email protected]
Waiting for ur reply soon…pls:(

Hi all as no one is interested to post a reply…:cool:

I got it running, I mean drqman is running and i can add new job to its list but now the problem is that its always showing the job in waiting state…dont know whats the problem…

When i run the command :

tcsh -b /usr/local/drqueue/tmp/default.blend.455D44D3 

(it is the jobscript generated )

It shows that blender is running and then quit due to No CAMERA found so how to set camera in blender from command line or any other way?? :confused:

I also tried externally from promt by running this command:

blender -b "/download/default.blend" -s 1 -e 1 -a

but the same error

ERROR : No camera

Can any one throw some light on this pls…