problem: copy pos. in property??

hi! I’m working on a 3d snake-clone at the moment. (download it from my new website: (klick on downloads then))
now that’s my question:

how can I copy the current (x, y, z)position of an object into a property ( a float probably)? I didn’t found any posibility to get the coordinates of an object, but i need them to pose another object on these coordiniates ( and that would be the second problem…)

is there a posibility to that parts of an object are only visible if they are in a certain area / in another object? (just immagine a long stick moving through a cube, but only the parts that are in the cube are visible)

you see programming is not easy for me… thnx, gecko

I assume you want to copy the objects position but not rotation? thats why you can’t just parent it right?

okay some1 asked the same question a while ago, and here the solution I gave, hope it helps.

Keith. 8)

sorry, i forgot to check some older posts…
well you’re right, thats what i need…thank you!

and that’s the newest version of my project:
greetings benno