problem creating armature

Here’s the problem:
when I create the armature (in object mode), I think nothing happens. Just the center of the object gets moved to the cursor area.

I searched in FAQ’s but couldn’t find an answer.
thank you.

sorry, the problem is that I CAN create the armature, but it is creating separetely from the body, it isn’t going to the edit mode for itself.
I can’t create a bone at the end of the first one, every time I want to create a bone, I have to select where the bone is going to be placed.

What’s happening?

Im not sure i perfectly understand the problem…but im going try and help anyways…

#You have to extrude bones in edit mode if u want it to grow out of the previous one.
select end bone(edit mode) and press “e”…but if u just say add bone(edit mode) its just going to create a new bone where ur 3d cursor lies.
If u go to object mode and say create bone its going to create a seperate armature object.

#If the problem is that the bone gets created where the 3d cursor is…then it really not a problem its actuall a feature :).Just snap the cursor to where u want the bone to be created.

I hope i was somewhere in the vicinity of what you were meaning to ask…
Kudos and happy blending.

I am having the same problems as described by the first post. After successfully creating a number of armatures (with multiple bones), my attempts are now frustrated. When I attempt to add yet another armature, blender tells me it’s been created, I can see it in the outliner, but it’s nowhere to be found in the 3d window. When I change from “Current Scene” or “All Scenes” to “Visible Layers” in the outliner, my invisible armature is no longer listed in the outliner.

I can kinda select the armature from the outliner, and I can switch between pose mode and object mode, but I cannot enter edit mode. Any thoughts?

Perhaps I should add that I’m running 2.49.2 on my daughter’s hand-me-down MacBook running MacOS 10.something on PowerPC.

I found the answer to my problem: I had slipped into “local view”, a mode I’ve never before encountered.

When I got back to global view, I could see my armature right where it was supposed to be.