Problem deleting Screens

There are 12 Screens in the pull-down list named “temp” thru “temp.011” which I have no idea how they got there. Each of them contains a User Preferences window which fills up the whole monitor. There is no header at the top of the window, so I can’t switch back to a different Screen. The only thing I can do is delete User Prefs which then closes Blender. Is there a way to remove the 12 Screens from the list?


You can press CTRL and left or right arrows to cycle between interface screens. I also can’t seem to remove one or two screens I don’t need. I’m certain it will be fixed as well as a few other issues. It’s getting better and better, we have to be patient.

I found a thread somewhere that talks about not being able to delete Screens named “temp”. Now I remember I created the temp screens about 1 year ago and wondered why I couldn’t delete them at that time and just gave up. I found a simple way to delete them yesterday.

-Select a “temp” Screen (User Prefs will then display)
-Switch to “Info” window (the “temp” name will show in the list of Screen names.
-Click “X” to delete

I deleted all 12 “temp” Screens using this method. Now I must remember to never name a new Screen “temp.”


Weird, but I’m glad you found a solution.