Problem detecting object clicked

Hi all. I’m experiencing some troubles with mouse in game blender. I have a scene with a plane like a ground and two cubes. I want when i left-click over a cube, this cube would move. I use two sensors, Mouse Over and Left Click attached to a script in python to move the cube (later it will do more actions). The problem is that the sensor MouseOver doesn’t work. It will never be true.

So, does anybody know how to make work this? or, how can i get my target?

Sorry for my english.

Regards, Watto

Hmm this could be caused by many thing would be better if we can see the .blend to help you sort out the problem.

Well. This is the blend file.

You can modify if you want to show me the solution.

Thanx, Watto

Ok, the mouseOver as was as i can see works fine i get alotta Hola in my console not sure why it doesn’t work by you. As for the getting the name of the object the mouse is over. You will need a empty with a ray and a fps script acttached to the empty then place it exactly on the camera’s position. this will give you an empty that points in the same angle as your mouseover sensor wich works on a ray principle except now you can return the objects that the ray collides with.

Hope that Helps :smiley:

According to this Bug Report, mouseover sensor no longer work. As far as I know it hasn’t been fixed in the current CVS. Hope it will before 2.37 is released. :frowning:
It works in the 2.36 release.

It seems that in this new release (2.37) it doesn’t work. I’ve tried 2.36 and it works correctly.

Prffff, I want to use the new release with mouseOver. :< :<

Thanx all