Problem doing "Your First Animation in 30 plus 30 Minutes Part II" Tutorial


I pretty much began to toy around with blender a couple of days ago and I’ve started this tutorial

I’ve reached “Forward Kinematics” point when I saw that both the LoLeg.L and LoLeg.R (which are both “children” of UpLeg.L and UpLeg.R) wasn’t responding with the mesh. Yet all the other amatures does. I’ve spent hours debugging my own work, but I really can’t find the error. I have assigned the vertices to the right amatures but still it doesn’t work, After 3 times starting from square one I begin to get a little sad. The big questin remains: “What am I doing wrong?” :confused:

EDIT: Well typical; after 4 hours of debugging you ask for help and 4 minutes later you got the answer all by yourself.

To others that deal with the same problem as I did here is the solution:

  1. Select your armatures in Object mode, go to Edit Mode.
  2. under the Panel “Armature Bones” (The Panel where you editted the names of the armature).
  3. Each bone has some factors you can change one of them is “Dist:” [Distance] mine was 0.0 so I guess that means how long the armature can track verticles and how the distance from which they can be assigned. I raised mine to 0.5 and it worked as a beauty. :slight_smile:

You should try this one. It’s the latest and greatest.

At the end it’s not clear how to get the audio mixdown output. This is done with the mixdown button in the sequencer panel (scene>soundblock buttons) which outputs a wav file to the same folder your video was rendered to.