Problem editing hair particles

In a character I’ve created a vertex group to apply a hair particle system. In the Extras tab I’ve assigned this group to the Length property. It renders OK.
Now, when I try to edit the particles, these appear all over the body, not only on the head, but in object mode and in the render the particles appear only over the head.
Any idea?

The problem only appears after enabling “Set editable”. If I make “Free edit”, the particles not placed on the vertex group go away.

Yeah - I had a similar problem…

If you want a work-around, in particle mode You can use ‘cut’ to delete hair from areas, and use ‘add’ to add it to areas.

I just did a test that worked fine. However I had to use the Vertex group to Control Density. Controling Length did nothing to my particles.

Thanks to both of you. Both answers work. Finally I use the one from DichotomyMatt.

I believe that the length parameter will only work if you are using Children hair particles (same as when you use an image texture to control hair length - check out the tool tip when you are using an image texture for length in the PAttr > “MapTo” panel: “Causes the texture to affect the length of child particles”).

When you start out assigning the vertices to a group, ensure that the weight parameter is set to 0 prior to clicking the ‘Assign’ button (with all vertices selected), so that all the hair will default to 0 length, then you can use weight painting to lengthen the hair where you want.