Problem editing meshes from Manuel Bastioni Lab

Is anyone else having this problem?

I try to edit a mesh generated by Manuel Bastioni Lab - let’s say I grab a vertex and move it somewhere. In edit mode I can’t see the vertex moving. When I tab into object mode I find I have moved the vertex: invariably somewhere completely random, as I couldn’t see what I was doing.

sounds like a typical modifier visibility issue.

… tell me more …

I’ve tried removing all the modifiers, and I’m still getting the same issue.

Note: this only happens after pressing “Finalise”.

This is very hard to troubleshoot without getting my hands on the file, click File, External Data, Bake all into .blend, Save the file, then upload it here.

First thing that came to mind was shape keys, but its really hard to tell.

Sorry - I should have done that earlier.

This is just a result of opening Blender and creating a character.

(the file is too big to post here, so I used wetransfer: it will be up for a week)

If I remember correctly just create a new shape key and go on editing. If you want to see your results you set the shape key property to 1 and voila…
If you are not creating your own shape key you are editing the base shape of the mesh which then is transformed by the other shape keys leading to some unpredictable results.

2019, Blender 2.81: To be able to edit the mesh for a mb-lab model (after finalizing the model) you have to go to the Object Data Properties (green three vertices symbol), see under “Shape Keys”, select the basis shape key slot and deselect (unmark, toogle) the “Shape Key Edit Mode” symbol. You are already in edit mode, try to move the vertices. It works to finalize the model your own way.
Disabling the modifiers is recommended for a better work performance.
Ok, that is my experience fixing this problem.

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Thanks a lot @BE_transform.
Just choosing “basis” on Shape Key end going to Edit mode helped me. I´m on Blender 2.82.
I was going nuts LOL.