Problem encountered with Subsurf

I am trying to model the gingerbread man as found in the tutorial.
I was trying to merge two body of cube into one to create the body i.e. this is done via merging the vertices of the two cubes together. Upon merging, the two cubes became one body. However, when I hit on the Subsurf button, the block is smoothed as if they are two separate block and there is a slight seams between them… Did I do something wrong? I did the same thing in 2.34 and it worked.

Please help!

Ctrl-N to recalc. normals.

Did you use the Remove Doubles function (in the Wkey menu in edit mode with the vertice you want to affect selected).

If there’s an inner face, you’ll have to delete it too. Select the middle edges with box select (Bkey) and delete the faces (Xkey -> Faces). If you selected only the middle edges, this would only delete the inner faces (if any).


Yes, I am a dumb dumb… 10 minutes after I stared really hard at the two blocks, I suddenly had a realisation … I didn’t delete the inner faces… … so I quickly modified it and the gingerbread man does not have a seam now…
All the same, thanks for the help… appreciate it…:slight_smile: