problem error with CUDA rendering

i just recently got a new graphic card for fast render times in cycles but whenever i try to render it i get this

can someone explain what has happened or what’s wrong.

Looks like the type of cuda on your machine. Can you tell us what your system specs and OS are? Also, what build of blender you are using.

processor : 3.10 GHz intel core i3
RAM : 4 GB
WINDOWS 7 64 bit
graphics card
Nvidia geforce 210
1024 vram
cuda cores : 16

hate to be the one ! but your card is a little on the old side now, the latest drivers may help or there was a way to force cycles to use an older cuda version (try a search on here) (your card is 1.2 and your cycles needs 1.3 so you might be able to make it work!! good luck)

ps even if you get it working theres a chance your cpu will still be quicker

no point in getting it to work its no faster than your cpu
i know because its my old card