Problem exporting animation to .X

Hey everyone, my first post to the forums.
I’m relatively new to Blender, too. My reason for using it is modeling for games in XNA or DirectX or whatever. I’m using Arben Omari’s exporter, the latest version as far as I can tell.
The problem I keep running into is exporting armature animations. In my first test, I threw together a very rough upper torso, and had it move its arms around. When I exported to .X format, it didn’t seem to save any animation data.
Thinking I did something wrong, I started over, and modeled just a simple cube, with extra vertices in the middle so it can bend, and animated it to wiggle with two bones. Exporting, I got the same results as above: mesh exports fine, but apparently no animation data.
Is there anything I might be overlooking? Does this sound like a problem anyone else has encountered? Yes, I made sure to toggle the “Anim” button. I tried a few other things I found in other forums too, such as selecting both the mesh and armature before exporting (apparenty it’s not a good idea to “Export All”, as I get script errors if I do), and hilighting all keyframes, and having a key for each bone each keyframe. None of these, individually or together, made a difference at all.
Please help in anyway you can! I’m getting a bit frustrated, and this is holding me back from making any progress whatsoever! Thanks!