problem exporting obj

I’m running on Blender 2.57 on Windows XP. I am trying to export my mesh as an obj, but nothing loads when the file is imported in another program. My internet searches tell me it has to do with python, which I have never done any scripting for.

Any words of advice?

First of all, look if there is written something at all

Blender v2.56 (sub 4) OBJ File: ‘’

mtllib 0 0.mtl
o 0_0_0_0.026
v -0.098004 -0.251088 0.257487
v -0.161948 -0.442332 -0.001066
v -0.217291 -0.300600 -0.231182
v -0.594394 -0.529768 -0.078275

If not, then you have a problem with Blender.
If OK.
Then your program (which???), trying to import your *.obj wants something different or does not work at all.

Yeah there is nothing in obj file. Only
"# Blender v2.57 (sub 1) OBJ File: ‘carrot1.blend’


So, that means, that you do not have a good Blender version! Superseed, place a second better version!
It is 2.57 SVN >=36500, meanwhile!

Right on, thanks for your help.

Well, I have been looking for newer builds. I use a 36550 build provided by graphicall. It is the newest 32 bit version and it is not listed as experimental, so I would figure it is a solid build. However, whenever I try to import the newly exported obj back into blender, nothing happens. Upon looking at the obj file in a text editor, the actual file is still blank. It is only populated by a header. I have gotten this same result with 2-3 other builds that are all 36500+.

Some of the other exporters do not seem to be working well either. Exporting as 3DS produces a 1kb file. .dae and .fxb have information in the files, but importing them into either max or maya yields nothing. Are there any working custom scripts that will get me an exported object?