Problem finding what starts the sound


I have exploring Blender Game demos, and in demo called RvoFighter-24.blend I cant find from where does the main sound loop play.
What started it? In a sound block buttons I can only change the sound loop.
But what I relly want is to add option for music on/off, so I need to know how it works in a first place.

I hope you understand my question.


did you search from the overlay scenes and cameras?

Yes, but haven’t find anything.

I discover that when first layer in Fight scene is removed sound dosen’t play.
But in that layer nothing seems to be linked to sound loop.

Well, you don’t really have to look at the file. :-? Unfortunately I don’t have the file onhand so I didn’t take a look at it.

But in Blender 2.36 just load in the sound (only supports .wav currently) in the sound block options (Click F10, then click sound block options). Load in your sound. Then press F4 and wire it.

music on/off

Assuming you know some basics in blender
-set sound actuator to loop stop
-set it so that it keeps playing if some boolean property “play” is true and stops playing if boolean property “play” is false

Hope that clears things up

Jason Lin