Problem getting action constraint to work

So I’ve made a simple rig to test out a basic action constraint. My issue is that I can get it to work for one action but not for another one. It is unclear to me why this would be the case and I’ve been stumped by this problem for quite a while.

I made a small screenrecording to explain my issue better than I can with text.

The file itself can be downloaded here:

I would appreciate any tips. :slight_smile:

I dont have this problem.
You could try to close all actions so the keyframes are not more in the timeline or dopesheet and the action editor ask for a new one.
They are still available but not present in the dopesheet or timeline.

Thanks for taking a look Vanderhorst. :slight_smile:

I went through everything multiple times and spend some time learning the action editor and NLA editor to make certain I was doing everything correctly. I also started using “Stash” to free up the dopesheet where it asks for a new action like you suggested.

I have a much better understanding where actions are stored now and how I can edit them efficiently. :+1:

That still did not solve my issue though; it still refused to work for baked actions. As you mentioned it working for you I was pretty certain it was not a bug but something on my end so I reinstalled Blender fresh and its now working swimmingly! So cheers for pointing me in the right direction, this is now solved. :partying_face: