Problem getting all action strips to play from NLA window

I don’t know if this is a bug in 2.4, but I have added an action called catwalk to my cat 3 times in the NLA window, but when I play the animation back, it only plays the section of the walk that is shown by the IPO keys. (I want the cat to walk along a path).

So if I click on the first time the action is present, it plays frames 1-50, then stops playing the action and the cat glides along the rest of the path. If I click on the second action strip, the cat glides up to frame 51, walks for 2 seconds, then glides to the end, and so forth. If I use ctrl-A to highlight all the strips, it still only plays the last one I clicked on.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

The file (without textures) is at

Didn’t download your file but you can use Transform Props tab (N) in the NLA editor to use the same strip 3 times (Repeat) if you use 1 strip, or to Blend-In and Blend-Out if you use 3 duplicate strips spaced along the length of the anim.


It’s not a bug; to play the NLA animation you must not to have any Action selected, or it will have priority in the animation preview.
So, deselect any selected Action in NLA window and/or delete it if you have an Action loaded in the Animation window.


In the Actions list in the NLA you should see the little ActionMan icon showing. Click it to change it to the NLAstrip icon and all actions should play. This can be toggled to test individual actions.

Thanks everyone for your help. AndyD - that explains it! Woot!
I’m making another bedtime story for my niece, so am gradually learning the Blender features as a result.
I really MUST get myself a copy of the manual. I’ll put it on my birthday list.