Problem getting current frame number via Python script

Using Python 2.2.3 within Blender 2.32, I can get Zloc and other data on objects in my model. However, I cannot get the current frame number. Per ExcellentWhale freeware, that portion of the code should be:

   import Blender
   from Blender.Const import *

However, using as-is yields Import error that no module is named Const.

Perhaps there has been a module name change - so what module now defines BP_CURFRAME, or has that been renamed too?

Thank you.

That’s OLD code.

print the docstring of the Get function, it should help you.

import Blender
print Blender.Get.__doc__


Yes - that did it. Thank you.

The documentation section on has nice, browsable docs for the 2.32 API.