Problem getting lights to work

I can’t figure out why, but the only light that will work in this file is the Sun. The other lights seem to do nothing. When I turn on Ambient Occlusion, everything brightens up, but still no shadows. I’m including the file in case anyone has time to take a look. I imagine it’s something simple that I just don’t know since I’m still very new at Blender. Thank you for your help!
Box_w_Lights.blend (856.2 KB)

Keep an eye for your scales, your object has 261 meters length and a square area light of 100m. You need to use proper measurements for correct lightning.

Box_w_Lights2.blend (899.0 KB)

Thank you, Lucas, I really appreciate your help! I thought it was something like that, and I spent time playing with the size of the light, but I should have scaled down the object. I’m going to keep your file intact so I can always refer back to this when it comes up again, because it probably will :wink:

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