Problem getting UV texture to work

Well, I got very useful help from this forum before, so this is where I’m coming for help.

Still working on basics…

I’ve downloaded a model from the internet and I’m trying to apply a UV texture to it. I’ve unwrapped it and modified the resulting .tga file with Gimp. Now I’m trying to apply it to my model.

What I’m getting in the render screen doesn’t match what I get in Object Mode.:spin:

See the attachment to see the various views.




Select TexFace from Shading(F5) - Material

NO do not use textface as this is only nessecary for the GameEngine.
In order to use your uv map in a normal render you have to assign your uv map to a texture channel.
Go to texturing (F6) and load your image.
Go to Material (F5) in the Map Input panel and press UV.
Go to Material (F5) in the Map To panel and press Col as well as any other thing you want to control with your texture.
See for details.

Texface overrides your shader and only applies the texture to the object as far as I know.

Well, it looks like I was close. The only step I missed was:

 Go to Material (F5) in the Map Input panel and press UV.

Thank again for the help. :cool: