Problem import BVH in Blender 2.5x


A big problem : when I try to import bvh files (from different sources), they all have some problems : stange motions (180° flip of limbs for example)…
(The bvh files are correct, when loaded in Bvhhacker).

Can you explain me what’s happen with bvh import in Blender 2.5x ?



Good luck with this one seems very similar to this

Rotation mode needs to be set to “Euler ZXY” on import for some .bvh files floating around.

Set import scale to .03 or .04 for most files, and the armature will be about two Blender units (2 meters) tall.

Then rotate x-axis 90 degress in object mode to compensate for Blenders Z-up axis. This works sometimes but not always.