Problem importing DXF models

I everybody,

First, wow, this community is creating very impressive works of art.

I hate to make my first post a “how do you…” post but here goes, I have tried everything that I can think of and am at wits end.

I am currently working with autodest revit 8.1 creating building models and architectural documents. I would very much like to render these buildings with blender as revit’s internal engine is very undeveloped in terms of photo-realism.

The problem: I can get a building models to come acrossed by first exporting to .DXF and importing into blender but once it is imported I am unable to edit faces, verticies…etc. One solution I have found is that if I explode the geometry in autocad LT first, then it comes over great. Is there a way to do this without using a “middle man” program? I am asking because I don’t have autocad on my home computer.

Hey, 0450! Welcome to elYsiun!

First off, a question: are you trying to import 2D or 3D DXF? If 2D, blender has trouble with this, so you might check this thread for some possible workarounds.

If you’re importing 3D geometry, then look at using 3DS format (if revit exports that.) Other possibilities are VRML, STL or OBJ/LWO. Basically, DXF is not the optimal format for 3D translation into blender. Look at revit’s other output posibilites.

Also, I wouldn’t be too worried about using a “middleman” app for translation. Getting geometry from autodesk software often requires this. (I’m guessing from the use of LT to translate, that you’re importing 2D… another elYsiun user, yellow, has some experience with this as he’s written in this thread and also here.)

Good luck! Look forward to seeing your work posted around here!

Thank you for the help and links mzungu. The projects are in 3D, unfortunatly the only common format between revit and blender is .DXF, hopefully autodesk will add more formats in following versions. Thanks again.