Problem Importing image sequences using python scripting

I have been trying to optimize my workflow somewhat and get some tedious work automated.
It should be straight forward.

I want to import image sequence A and image sequence B,
which both are 120 frames long from two different folders.
Add sequence A from frame 0 to 120 in Channel 1
Add sequence B from frame 100 to 220 in Channel 2
Then later do a transition between them.

I have problems finding current information regarding this.
From this post:

I am guessing I should be using bpy.ops.sequencer.image_strip_add

But I don’t know, I feel I am making life too complicated for myself and should find another approach to this. Problems like this have a tendency to linger in my brain for way too long if they don’t get solved so any help is appreciated.

Mats (pixeltumbler)