Problem importing SVG

Hey guys! Hope u can help me with this. I have a SVG file with a complex logo and im trying to import in Blender to make it 3D and i get an error. I cant send you the blend file because its confidential and copyrighted (its something i`m doing at work).

Is it something wrong with the logo, inside Inkscape? or do i have problems with importing addon?

You may want to switch your Blender scene units to non-metric, just use Blender default and import again. Make sure your logo is not using unsupported import vector features like gradient fills and such. Also convert any fonts you are using to outlines before you export to SVG. If possible try using Illustrator to export the final SVG instead of GIMP.

Can you open svg file in text editor and show first 17 lines here?

I imported the vectorial file from .pdf in Inkscape, then Object to path and save as svg. Then i tryied to import the svg file in Blender 2.71. The problem was solved by importing into Inkscape an .ai file with the same logo. Maybe it was something wrong with the pdf file. Dunno, but it`s ok now. Thank you guys for your answers.

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