Problem importing with the 1.41 COLLADA importer

Hello Bleople,

I have a problem when I try to import a rigged model made in XSI with the COLLADA (1.41) importer.

I get this message:

File "C:\Program Files <x86>\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender\scripts\bpymodules\colladaImEx, line 1271, in LoadFromDae
cname += self-document.axiss[self.document.orgAxiss.index<axis>]
ValueError: list.index<x>: x not in list

What is this and how can I fix this? I don’t understand Python, ergo I won’t be able to handle this without help… :frowning:

Thanks ahead!

I love this websites support!

last try at bumping this thread, if this doesn’t work I’ll just have to learn ballet instead. Thanks people!

I think a bit more information would help someone decide if it is possible to get around the problem you face - I am no expert so am no help but if you supply what version of Blender you are using and maybe a more fuller explanation I am sure someone will answer.

Also have you gone over to Grahical and downloaded various versions of Blender [2.49/2.50]? It might just be the mesh that is casusing the problem.

Happy Blending

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