Problem in moving bone it doesn't work

Hi there
Im using rig system but when i add an ik to bones it doesn’t move and just rotate
Please give me help
I need to deliver this project as soon as i can

Thanks guysTest.blend (709.2 KB)

Your file isn’t working. Basically what you need for an IK setup is a bone that controls the lower leg. This bone must not be connected to the rig whatsoever. No parent, no connection. Set the chain length to 2 for a rig like this and duplicate the Ctrl-bone to get the bone roll bone.

Thanks for helping
I did all you mentioned above
That ik controller doesn’t move anywhere
Move transfer is off, even it’s not locke i open it
But rotation and scale tool works

By the way…why my file is not working?:thinking:

Every time I see these setups it blows my mind.
I simply toggle auto IK on and off at my pleasure and it works just fine.

try doing a walkcycle with an autoIK, good luck :slight_smile:

The IK controller is the bone you move.

Thanks for your help
But auto ik is not working as i need
It going to wrong way that i won’t

Thank you my friend
It’s ok
I have to separate bone for ik