Problem in my first hour using Blender :-/

Having downloaded Blender for the first time, I have tried to import three different .obj models, without success. It may be that they loaded correctly but are too small to see, but there doesn’t seem to be a ‘zoom all’ command? I must be doing something stoopid!

Welcome, Jerry!

Don’t give up! Coming from a different software might seem to be frustrating and it is! :slight_smile:

Try to google all your problems, maybe watch a transition video on youtube, like “blender for max users”. This should help at the beginning.

What you are looking for is Frame All.

You can also check the outliner on the right and see if your model is there.

Good luck!

Hi Pawel,
Great, those two tips helped, many thanks!
I’m not just new to this render software, I’m new to rendering, so this could be a steep learning curve!
I have looked at a few You Tube videos so far, but these tend not to dwell on the problems.
I can see my model now. So one problem just gets replaced by another sticking point :slight_smile:
I will persevere, and get there. I seem to have enough free time at the moment anyway.
Stay safe

Start with these:


They may be older verions, but you can make them work.