Problem in the viewport rendering - EEVEE ( Particles )

Hello everyone, this is a problem I’ve been facing for a few weeks. I sculpted a simple trunk and did some viewport render tests. Once it was a simple sculpture, I added some details through nodes ( a texture connected to “displacement” on " Material Output " ). First - Preview Render / Second - viewport render. It’s working fine.

After that is when the problem came up. I decided to create some moss by using very short hair particles and applied it to the sculpture ( including creating a copy with less polygons - Shrinkwrap + Multiresolution ). In the preview render it looks fine, but in the viewport render the trunk loses all the details from the texture.

I thought about converting the particles, but for some reason it wasn’t “available”; and after trying to donwload the most recent version, when I press " render" a black screen appears and Blender stops working.

Well, this is it so far. Thanks in advance.