problem joining extra mesh and armature to initial model


here is my problem

I have an initial model of a man with badly modeled hands
So i made the new hand, and i also added bones for animation

now i do not know how to join the new hand’s mesh and armature to the existing body, when i try to join the new hand the weightpaint reset itself

here is a screenshot, the selected parts are the new hand and it’s bones, unselected is the initial model

how can i do this without destroying weightpaint or model?
thank you

Select the hand object, then shift-select the body object, Ctrl-J to join selected objects. I believe armatures can be joined in the same way. Then you will have to go into edit mode for each the mesh and the armature, and clean things up. For instance, the hand and the body will be one object, but the vertices will not be connected at the wrist, so when the hand is posed in an extreme position a gap maybe visible where the two join. Same thing goes for the armature, yea it’ll be one armature, but the hand bones won’t be connected to the arm bones.

Hope this helps,

Probably best to separate them first too. Then Ctrl-A on both before re-parenting.


Good point, Fligh!!

so theres no way to do it without destroying my current weight paint of hand?

He he… yes there probably is, if you joined the main Armature to the hand armature and the main Mesh to the hand mesh, it’s possible but may come with more problems than you bargained for.

When you animate or pose the final armature it has to work out the space and rotation of each bone that travels thru a hierarchy like this - bone > Parent bone > Chain > Constraint > Armature > Object > World. Now, if you added your Hand-Armature at exactly the same Space and Rotation as the main armature, and you have done no kafuffling with either armature’s axis after that - not the bones but the Armature as the wrist bone will still become the child of the next bone in the chain of the main armature, but the main armature will inherit the axis properties of the Hand-Armature - then you may be okay.