Problem joining meshes

Hello everyone,

I have some figures with some meshes on them. Each mesh is assigned to a different material and each material is assigned to a different texture.

My problem is when I try to join the meshes, when I join just a few meshes the resulted mesh a correct multi-material mesh. But if I try to join a higher number of meshes it results in a single material mesh.

I am aware that you can manually assign materials to a group of vertexs but this would be impratical since some of this figures have thousands of meshs!

I am begining to wonder if there is a limit for how many materials a mesh can have assigned to it, is this true? or I am just doing something wrong?


actually yes there is a limit to the number of materials per mesh (16)
You might try selecting each object 1 at a time and assigning all its vertices to a vertex group then joining them. you would still only be able to have 16 materials but selecting them would be easier so you could reassign them to new materials once theyre joined together. if you need more than 16 materials on one object as far i know youre outta luck:(

Thanks for clearing this up Noodlesgc! this problem was making me crazy :slight_smile:

In fact, the only reason that I am trying to join these mesh is because I will export these files to Ogre3d and the Ogre exporter does not support multiple objects.

I think I will try the ogre forums, they probably have a solution for this.

Thanks again,