Problem joining meshes

revisedproblem.blend (567 KB) Hi, I’m working on a tutorial by Andrew price on how to model a high rise apartment. Anyways, I am to a step where I am trying to join the high rise model itself and a balcony mesh together so it will take on the modifiers of the high rise building. The balcony is where I want it to be located, but when I join the two meshes together, the new balconies formed from the array modifier of the building are distorted. The original is fine but the others take on a slanted on the left and right balcony windows. I’m completely confused as to why this is happening. Help please?

try applying scale to both objects before joining them ( ctrl A in object mode )

well that was a good thought, but unfortunately it didn’t work.

This is what I’m talking about by the way

Any ideas please? I’m at a standstill…

It’s the merge from the last array modifier that does that. Decrease its merge limit.

Thank-you so much! That did the trick!