Problem keeping multiple windows in sync

Y’all, I have searched and searched the manual and posts for this, so please don’t rip me if I missed something…

My 3D windows are out of sync. I have 3 views open, plus an IPO and a timeline. When I click a new frame on the timeline, it updates the scene in one of the 3D views. When I click a new frame on the IPO, it updates the scene in the other 2 3D views. The timeline and the IPO don’t update each other. Also, I have different layers turned on and off in different views.

Is this a bug or a feature? I can think of times when it might be useful. If it’s a feature, can somebody please document it?


I can’t say that I’ve ever seen that happen - but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a feature. It’s quite possible there’s a lock somewhere that determines what updates what.

Having different layers active in different views shouldn’t affect it since that’s how I always animate.

You will find “Lock Time to Other Windows” in the menus for each window and while I couldn’t see any difference with it on or off, in theory it might deliver some results.

I can’t duplicate that behaviour (what version of Blender are you using?)

If you post the file somewhere, we can take a look and see if there’s something obvious or if the behavior is happening on other systems. If not there’s always the bug tracker that you can post the file two (2meg max … use the “Compresss File” option under the File Menu)

Bug tracker (you have to sign up for free to post)


Thanks for your responses, guys. I have messed with it a little more, and it seems like some things in the windows are staying in sync, but one thing that definitely is not is the background image. I am using a video as a background image, so that I can animate over it, but when I have it visible in multiple windows, only the last one selected is updated. I guess I can live with that… just have to use the other window for reference. I guess your obvious question would be, why do I have two windows showing the same view anyway. Good point.

But I do have two questions regarding your posts:

1 - How do you control whether layers are turned on and off in one window or all windows?

2 - The ‘Lock time to windows’ option, available in the IPO and Timeline view menus: I did a text search of the entire manual… no dice. Is there anyone who knows what this option does?

I am using v.242a on windows XP.

I thought you were already using the layer feature but in case I misunderstood: To have different layer views, just click the lock next to the layer buttons. This unlocks this window from the active window layer view. I use this with a small camera view while I’m animating armatures or messing with lights and camera in the main view. This way the camera view can be clear of all the other stuff. It also means one window can be in shaded view and another in wire view.

Search for the time lock feature on Google - that’s where I found some info on it but all it said was that it forces the windows to keep time with each other. I find they do that anyway so I’m not sure what it’s purpose is.