Problem linking a material with texture coordinates from emtpy


I have a material with a texture (an image) that gets it’s texture coordinates from an emtpy. In the materials tab “map input” I set the option “object” and entered the name of the emtpy. It all works as expected in the .blend file.


But now i also need that material in a second blend file, and I want it to be linked (as changes to the material should propagate to all .blend files using it)
The problem is that the emtpy doesn’t get linked, automatically. And even if I link/append the empty manually, the linked material still doesn’t have the empty’s name in its “object” field. I also can’t add it to the “object” field because the material is linked, and you can’t modify linked datablocks.


Is there any way to solve this except making the linked material local?
Any help would be great!




What Blender version are you using?

I did a quick test, and when I link the material to a new file the Empty is also imported and its name is entered in the Object field.

I tested on Blender 2.49.2 -r23140, native build on linux 64 bit

Thanks. Indeed it works now… and it seems I messed something up the first time. Though i can’t find out what. Blender version was 2.49b btw.